Your Dream Living Room, Within Reach.

Is your living room feeling outdated and uninspired? It may be time for a change. A living room remodel is an investment in your happiness and well-being. By creating a space that you love, you’ll be more likely to relax and recharge at home. At IC Renovation, we’ll work with you to create a living room that reflects your personality and lifestyle, using high-quality materials and finishes to ensure that your remodel is durable and beautiful.


Don’t Let Your Home Be Stuck in the Past.

Your living room, much like life, is a continuous journey, and we’re here to ensure it stays relevant, comfortable, and beautiful. As your local experts, we understand the essence of Sarasota living and the importance of a living room that mirrors your evolving lifestyle.

From major transformations to minor upgrades, envision a living room that becomes the heart of your home, exuding a newfound charm and personality. At IC Renovation, we believe that every home has a unique story to tell, and we’re here to help you write the next chapter. Let’s redefine your living experience, ensuring your home stands the test of time with style and comfort.

What Can IC Renovation Do for Your .

A home’s living room is where family and friends gather, laughter is shared, and moments are cherished – creating memories that last a lifetime. At IC Renovation, we understand the significance of this space, and our dedicated team of professionals is committed to transforming your living room into a place where comfort meets style, and functionality meets aesthetics.


Replace outdated flooring with stunning hardwood, sleek tile, plush carpet, or elegant laminate. Any material you like, we’ll make it happen.


We'll breathe new life into your walls with a fresh coat of paint in your desired color scheme, or we'll add visual interest and texture with accent walls.


We offer innovative ceiling designs, ranging from classic coffered patterns to modern suspended installations to enhance your space’s visual space.


Illuminate your living room with quality lighting solutions. We’ll assist you in choosing the perfect fixtures, ensuring your space is well-lit.


Maximize storage and display options with custom-built features, such as bookshelves, entertainment centers, vanities, or display cabinets.


Whether you prefer a traditional brick hearth, a modern gas fireplace, or an electric insert with a sleek design, we’ll make your living room a cozy retreat.

Our Latest Living Room .

IC Renovation is proud to showcase our latest living room remodeling projects. Our team makes sure to go above and beyond to transform living rooms into vibrant and inviting havens that reflect the unique personalities and lifestyles of our clients.

Make Your Living Room the Heart of Your Home with Living Room Remodeling in Sarasota, FL. .

Your living room is your personal space, so it should reflect your unique style and personality. We’ll help you create a living room that’s as unique as you are, using your favorite colors, textures, and patterns. With ample space for both guests and conversation, your living room will be the heart of your home. We’ll help you create a space that’s perfect for entertaining, with plenty of seating, a beautiful focal point, and all the amenities you need to make your guests feel welcome.

Making Living Room Remodeling .

Remodeling your living room is a big project. That’s why, in every step of the process, we made sure to make it as easy and convenient for you as possible. We’ll take care of everything from planning and design to permits and construction. Here’s what you can expect when you work with us:



We closely work with you to understand your vision and preferences during a one-on-one consultation.



We create and present a detailed plan consisting of designs, timelines, and scope of work.



Once the plan is approved, we will begin the actual remodeling process, ensuring every detail is followed.


Timely Completion

We make sure to complete the project in a timely manner while keeping you informed at every stage of the project.

Benefits of Living Room Remodeling .

Even the most cherished living rooms can start to feel outdated and uninviting over time. A living room remodel can breathe new life into your home, transforming it into a space that reflects your style, enhances your lifestyle, and makes your house truly a home. Here are some of the benefits you can enjoy from professional living room remodeling:

Enhanced Comfort

A remodel allows you to create a living room that perfectly suits your comfort needs. From cozy seating arrangements to temperature-controlled environments, every element can be tailored to enhance your overall comfort.

Energy Efficiency

Incorporating energy-efficient appliances, lighting, and insulation during the remodel can contribute to a more sustainable and cost-effective living space. Lower utility bills and a reduced environmental footprint are added benefits.

Improved Safety

Aging homes may have hidden structural issues that can be addressed during a remodel. Ensuring the safety and stability of your living space is crucial, and a remodel provides an opportunity to enhance both.

Boosted Home Value

A well-executed living room remodel adds significant value to your home. Potential buyers are often drawn to homes with modern and updated living spaces, making it a wise investment once you sell your home.

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Your Dream Living Room Makeover .

Your living room is a blank canvas waiting to be transformed into a masterpiece. With IC Renovation, the possibilities are endless. Let us elevate your living room to new heights of comfort, style, and functionality, creating a space that will provide comfort for years to come.